Mar. 20th, 2012

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I will not use Umbridge's quill to write, 'I told you I was hardcore.' )

If I messed something up, please know I apologize profusely, and will fix it as soon as you tell me because I don't wanna be a squib!
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A couple apps have been added to the unsorted pile (I have a sticky post at the top of enchanted_sorting with all the current ones, and the unsorted tag will take you to them.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU SORT THEM. It's not fair for them to vote on yours and you not vote on theirs.

Eventually it will change and only sorted members will be able to vote on apps, but until then, we need as many participants as possible.

Pardon the dust, especially on the rules and FAQs. I initially wrote them in September of 2011, and forgot about them until now. So there is a lot of editing happening at the moment. Mostly for clarification purposes. I'd post every time I make an update, but I'd be updating 6-7 times a day and I absolutely despise spamming friend lists if I don't have to.

Basically what I've added is clarification on how to vote on an application. For organizational purposes, we separate voting into threads. Each house (in future applications) will have a thread for their votes, Kaz and myself have our own thread, and currently the unsorted have a thread. Try to remember to stick to your threads when voting. I understand that some of you may be utilizing email to post, and I understand that, and this first set of apps, I'm going to be lenient on.

Keep in mind that when this community gets bigger, that myself, Kaz, and anyone else that might be appointed to help keep track of points is going to have a hard time when there are 30+ votes to a single application.

I will also, on future applications (I will post when this goes into effect), not tolerate chatting in the applications and will ask that you take it to PMs, IMs, email, or somesuch. It's not because I don't want you guys to chat, it's just to make it easier to calculate accurate points in the future.

And also I added to make sure that you post your vote as both in the subject line AND bolded in your comment. I'm not going to get upset if it's one or the other, as long as one is there. It is, again, solely for organizational purposes and to make things easier when it comes to points.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Myself and Kaz can be reached via various means found in the Admin contact post. And complaints and suggestions have their own post here.


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