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Name: Jay
Age: 18
Recommended by: Pimping on HiH


01.) What are your goals in life? Um, still slightly undefined? I feel like they’re either general or not set in stone. Right now I’m considering getting a social science teaching credential and thinking about being a middle school history teacher. I know it’s not the most glamorous or well-paying job and I could undoubtedly do better, but I like working with kids, and it’s fun to be enthusiastic about history, and I’ve found that I kind of like working with kids in that age range. Even if my career plans change again (as they have many times in the past), I definitely want to have a career in life that I enjoy and that keeps me interested. I also want to travel, the more the better. I’m especially interested in going all around Europe. I want to find somewhere cool to live and have a family. I want to always keep trying new things and doing what makes me happy. I want to have awesome close friends. I want to feel like I’ve lived a full and satisfying life, you know?

02.) What do you care about most? The well-being of myself and my loved ones. Too broad? I had trouble picking a solid answer for this one.

03.) What is one thing you would change about the world today? I have to pick just one? The world today has a lot of issues that ought to be resolved. Well, trying to find something that I think will make the most impact overall to the largest number of people, I’d reduce poverty worldwide. It would save a lot of lives, give a good deal of the world a much better life experience, and hopefully reduce violence a bit by getting rid of violence brought on by need. There might be fewer wars over resources and so on. Bringing people out of poverty wouldn’t get rid of all war, or the dictators of the world, but hopefully it would lead to a better standard of living and maybe more access to education so people could learn how to change their governments themselves. My initial instinct was to say “get rid of prejudice” but that does seem to be an issue that riles people more in developed, wealthier countries where the citizens don’t have to worry about their children starving.

04.) Is there anything in your life that you regret? At first, I wrote something here about how I wish I had come out of my shell sooner and started being more social and exploring different facets of myself, but on second thought, I’m not sure what would have changed if I had actually done those things sooner. Would my life really have been that different? So, instead, I’m saying that I can’t think of anything I really regret. I can think of things I’m really glad I did, but nothing really stands out as a major regret.

05.) Describe your top positive characteristics.
1. I’m easygoing. I’m fairly easy to get along with because not much fazes me or bothers me. I don’t cause drama and, because I usually follow rules, I’m not much trouble to deal with. I’m generally pretty calm and I stay calm even in situations that have others freaking out. Spiders in a room of shrieking eleven-year-old girls? Scoop them up with paper and drop them outside, cackling a bit madly at the situation. Camp counselor and I’ve got one sick camper and some accusing others of stealing? Deal with each issue individually and don’t cause a fuss or freak out. Even when I’m having my own issues or negative emotions, I try to keep it to myself. I roll with the punches and am usually willing to go along with most anything. I’m not picky and I can put up with a lot.
2. I’m creative. I love arts of all sorts. I was recently in a play, I write, I play alto sax and flute (and a bit of piano), and I enjoy art even though I’m not much good at it. I’ve got my own aesthetic tastes and like to fill my living spaces with interesting trinkets and things on the walls that I like looking at, to create a mood or showcase my interests. I like creating my own style in my clothing as well, whether it’s a bit gothy or old-fashioned dapper with bow-ties and fedoras. I don’t mind a bit of artsy chaos. I’ve got story ideas and characters coming out of my ears. I adore improv and love stretching my imagination to come up with the most ridiculous, hilarious things possible in improv games. I’m a bit weird, but I like to try to own my weirdness and make it work well for me.
3. I’m independent. I enjoy being around people, but I really don’t mind being on my own. I’m really proud of being able to take care of myself, even if it’s stupid things like taking myself to the doctor or buying my own food. I just enjoy not having to rely on people all the time, and it definitely comes in handy. I’m often reluctant to ask people for help because I like to be able to handle things myself and come out of tough situations knowing that I can do it.

06.) Describe your top negative characteristics.
1. I’m reserved. I’m naturally a fairly quiet and self-contained person, and I may be hard to get to know sometimes because I don’t really volunteer information about myself unless it comes up in conversation. I’m a bit private, and I feel like sometimes this hinders my social life and ability to make new friends. On the subject of friends, I find it hard to keep in touch with them if I don’t see them in person on a regular basis because I don’t really like online chatting or texting. I enjoy having friends, I’m just not always very good at it. I’m not very outwardly expressive with my emotions or enthusiasm and I worry that I come off as bored, aloof, or uninterested when I’m actually having a great time. I have a tendency to blend into the background when I’m in a big group.
2. I’m lazy. To be totally honest, I really enjoy sitting on my ass. I don’t like excessive physical activity or exercise because I’m not very good at it and it’s painful, so I just don’t do it. Once I’m settled somewhere, I don’t like having to get up to get things, so I either don’t or I complain about it. This is why Accio would probably be my favorite spell. Sometimes I spend days in my pajamas without leaving the house because I didn’t feel like putting in the effort. I’m not a fan of manual labor and try to avoid it if I can. I’ll work hard if I have to, but I very rarely enjoy it and often try to find an easier way to do it. I get bored easily and leave things unfinished because I don’t feel like finishing them. I love to play music but avoid practicing because it’s boring and takes effort, and isn’t often much fun. *shrug*
3. I’m indecisive. Sometimes I’ve got commitment issues. I don’t like making decisions because once I’ve settled on something, what if I change my mind or something better comes along? I prefer to leave my options open, and so I usually put off decision-making until the last possible moment. Also, I like to consider all the options before I make a decision, so sometimes it takes me a while. I like to get second opinions from other people and sometimes let their opinions make the decision for me because I don’t want to do it myself. I doubt myself a lot and worry that I’m making the wrong choice.

07.) Pick a favorite quote and explain what it means to you. Just gonna say, I got to this question and went “Oh, I don’t really have any favorite quotes. I don’t know any quotes, but I’ve been asked about favorite quotes before. Maybe I should go look up some quotes.” I now have two and a half pages of quotes and song lyrics I like. So, that was fun.

I’m going to go with this quote by Marilyn Monroe: “ Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” I like the overall feeling of the quote, and the way the words flow, and I agree with it. I like finding beauty in unexpected places and I agree with the saying that there’s a fine line between madness and genius, and that all geniuses are at least a bit mad. And I most certainly would rather be ridiculous than boring. Sometimes I feel like I’m boring, but it’s so much more fun to be ridiculous.


08.) Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? I like lots of characters. My favorites are the Marauders, Tonks, Luna, and sometimes Neville. I write mostly about the next gen kids or really minor characters. When I first read the books, I really liked Ron (because I thought he was funny) and Hagrid (because I liked his accent).

I’ll lower it down to my top two- Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. I like Remus because he reminds me of myself in a lot of ways- quiet, bookish, polite and fair, even-tempered, the well-behaved one who impresses authority figures but has a bit of a mischievous side. Also- somewhat displeased with certain aspects of himself, prone to self-doubt and feeling guilty about things he has no control over, and willing to act a bit differently than usual in order to please people or earn his friends’ acceptance. I think I’m more openly dorky than he is, though, less prone to taking myself or my actions seriously and not as good at comforting people or giving advice. I like Sirius because I’d like to be a bit more like him (mostly more like young Sirius), minus most of the negative traits like moodiness and excessive rashness. What I admire about Sirius is his fun-loving side and the way he’s charming and openly hilarious. I feel like school age Sirius was probably somewhat of a larger than life presence and, although that’s not me at all because I blend into the background and am probably rather boring, I think it would be awesome to be so awesome and memorable. I’d like his confidence and I admire the strong convictions he holds that he’s willing to fight for. Also, he’s a badass. I mean, flying motorbike? Come one. He’s awesome.

09.) Least favorite? Obviously I dislike people like Umbridge and the obvious villains, but I feel like the point of this question isn’t to choose someone that everyone dislikes. I’ll go with Rita Skeeter. She’s obnoxious, too nosy for her own good, too willing to manipulate people and facts to get a good story out of it, and just a slimy person who I don’t like, not to mention a bad journalist. If she were really that good, she’d be able to write about the truth and have it sell rather than making things up as she pleases.

10.) Who would you have been friends with at Hogwarts? I tend to gravitate toward weird, outcast- type people so I imagine I’d find myself friends with Luna at some point. I feel like I’d probably eventually get fed up with not understanding a thing she’s talking about or hearing all about Snorcacks, but at least she’s interesting and I admire her creativity and utter willingness to be herself regardless of what anyone else says. Looking at the types of people I’m friends with in real life, I’d probably hang out with Neville as well. I don’t know what we’d talk about, really, as I’m not very fond of plants, but he just seems like the type of person I’d make friends with. Maybe also Hermione, because we’d have a lot in common and could talk about homework, classes, or social justice issues together, though I imagine her know-it-all-ness and bossy nature would annoy me sometimes.

11.) What would you most enjoy about your time at Hogwarts? I expect I’d enjoy the classes. Some of them, anyway. If Potions were anything like it is at Pottermore, then I’d probably despise it. I’d also enjoy making good friends, and the independence to make my own choices I’d get by being away from my parents. I do enjoy independence quite a bit. I think I’d love the castle itself as well, with the beautiful architecture and all the secret rooms and hidden passageways. I’d love to be able to explore it. I don’t think I’d get terribly excited by Quidditch, I’m not a big sports fan.

12.) Describe each of the four houses as you see them:
Gryffindor: I feel like Gryffindor is full of people who really care about things, rather idealistic students. These are the people with strong opinions who care deeply about their morals and value systems. They may not always be noticeably brave, but they’re willing to take chances and risks for the things they care about. I feel like this house has a lot of students who have great inner strength, even if it doesn’t show. They also seem like the types who’d be up for trying anything, no matter how crazy it seems.

Hufflepuff: I think Hufflepuffs care deeply, like Gryffindors, but are more likely to care deeply about people rather than causes. They strongly value the personal bonds in their lives and are willing to do quite a bit to protect the people they care about. They’re also likely to prefer harmony over conflict and much less likely to judge people without knowing them. A lot of Hufflepuffs probably don’t mind their poor reputation because they know there are more important things in life and reputation is not necessarily one of them.

Ravenclaw: Obviously smart people can go to any house, but I feel like Ravenclaw students are those who are most proud of their intelligence. I can see two rather different types of people that would probably be common in this house- the logical, analytical types who like to take things apart and figure them out and the dreamy, creative types like Luna who let their imaginations run wild and may be a bit eccentric. But I think all Ravenclaws share a strong thirst for knowledge and learning, and value intelligence and creativity in others.

Slytherin: I see Slytherin as the house of those with big dreams and life goals that they hold very dear. These are the type of students who say something like “I want to be Minister of Magic” and take it very seriously. Furthermore, they know how to reach their goals. They’re planners who probably have back-up plans for their back-up plans and are prepared to use all the resources at their disposal to get what they want. They value success, prestige, and are aware of their reputation and care about creating good impressions on others.

13.) Which house do you feel the least affinity for? Slytherin. I don’t consider myself very driven or ambitious at all. I mean, sure I’ve got plans, but they’re rather nebulous and subject to change depending on my mood. I don’t particularly care if I’m successful in life as long as I have a good time and feel like it was worth it. Also, I don’t think I’m very cunning. I suppose I can be, but it does not come naturally to me at all. I’m usually more straightforward. I feel like Slytherin is full of achievement-oriented types and I am… not all that concerned about achievement. I’m more concerned about meeting my own standards and being content with life.


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From: [personal profile] alternate1985
I would definitely say Hufflepuff. The way you talk about people and friends, and just your description of the house in general and how it seemed to correlate to just fit for me. So, Puff it is!


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From: [personal profile] arinelle


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lenabee: My best friend made this for me a long time ago. I still love it. (Lena is awesome and addictive)
From: [personal profile] lenabee


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From: [personal profile] peculiarcolour
Up until your traits answers, I was sure you were a Hufflepuff. But your answer to the quote question started to change my mind and everything following it lead me to think you're more of a Ravenclaw

Welcome to enchanted!



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From: [personal profile] pinksonia
Yup, I'm going to go with Ravenclaw too, mostly based on your stated traits.



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From: [personal profile] arinelle


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From: [personal profile] sanalith
Definitely saw some Puff, but the Ravenclaw is stronger!


Date: 2012-08-05 06:36 pm (UTC)
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SORTED: Ravenclaw

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From: [personal profile] arinelle

Welcome to Enchanted!
I apologize for the delay on your sorting!

Feel free to join the main hall [community profile] enchanted_elite and your common room [profile] enchanted_eagles at your convenience!

Re: SORTED: Ravenclaw

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From: [personal profile] arinelle
I fail at my communities today.

that should have been [community profile] enchantedeagles.


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