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Name: Kerri
Age: Nearly 30 SHUSH
Recommended by: Well I’ve seen this around HiH a lot, but I’d say mostly Lena pestering me (sorry bb idk your DW name!)


01.) What are your goals in life?To find happiness. I want to find a job that I am passionate about, that doesn’t frustrate me daily and make me want to freak out. I want to reconcile with my family because apparently I can’t handle ‘normal’ relationships. I want to continue to rescue dogs. I wish I could have more than one but finances are an issue, well that and my Ginger would not want to share so yeah.

02.) What do you care about most? My dog, Ginger. Then me. I know society says we should care about our families and our friends, but I’m not going to sit here and BS, I’m a me first kind of person, everyone else happens if I have time and/or the desire. Now that’s not to say I don’t have selfless moments. I love to volunteer. I have (on more than one occasion) dropped everything to go help a friend when their car broke down. I just have found in my past that I am rarely first in other’s lives, so damn it I will be first somewhere.

03.) What is one thing you would change about the world today? Ug, I'm not even sure. I think really just finding a way to be more sustainable/green while still keeping people in jobs. I know in West Virgnia we depend on coal as a source of income. I would love to be able to see the state be pro wind (cause we are the Mountain State, so wind is here in abundance) but I don't want to put coal miners out of work at the same time. If we could move them from one industry to the other I would be very excited.

04.) Is there anything in your life that you regret? Oh where to start. The whole parents/family thing mentioned above. I wish I would have looked for another job right out of college. Probably should not have taken that nap yesterday since I fell asleep in my contacts. I really try not to dwell on regrets.

05.) Describe your top positive characteristics. I am adaptable. Whatever the situation I will adjust to it. I might not LIKE it but I can do it. I am a decent mimic – I watch and then I duplicate. I’m never going to be some world class artist, but if I saw say, Monet, I bet I could paint better when I am done. I can detatch emotions many times. I still have the emotions but I stuff them in a corner and don’t let them bother me at the time, I will have a full on break down when someone isn’t watching later. I also have a pretty overactive imagination. I have 5 peers at work and a boss and I went “wow we can be the Movie version of the Avengers! Now… who is who.” I ended up as Hawkeye if anyone cares.

06.) Describe your top negative characteristics. I put the PRO in procrastination. That and you can take any of those things I cited as positive and find a way to make them negative as well.

07.) Pick a favorite quote and explain what it means to you. Ok there are two that pop out.
1. Acts of love take place beyond good and evil. Love is one of those things that nobody has ever really pegged down. It makes us do the stupidest things for moments we remember for a life time. We are lucky to have it for a little while and blessed to have it for longer. Even things that might be questionable, if done in the name of love, are often forgiven.
2. Lasciate ogne speranza voi ch’intrate. Which is in old Italian and translates into something like “Abandon every hope you who enter (here).” It is from Dante’s Divine Comedy. I loved reading this (well mostly just The Inferno). We played a musical adaptation of this and it was interesting to think about how art translates across mediums and the interpretation of it. And I have this absolute obsession with hell. Is it real? Does it break down by sin? Is it unique as the individual that is in it? Why must there be punishment at all? Is there not enough punishment here as we know it? Could this be hell? How fluid is time? Wow ok got off topic there, sorry.


08.) Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? I think Ginny. She does what she wants no matter what someone else says. She isn’t afraid to ‘go for it’ even when the odds are against her. She has a strong sense of loyalty but is selective on who receives it. Plus I think it’s pretty bad ass that she gets to be a Professional Quidditch Player.

09.) Least favorite? Fudge. Listen we all mess up, but when you do, freaking own it. Admit to it. Move on. Hopefully learn from it and don’t do it again.

10.) Who would you have been friends with at Hogwarts? Well I could justify nearly any character, really. I would like to think the Trio/Gryffindors of that year. I like to stir the pot for something I believe in, even if it is something silly. I could see myself getting along well with Michael Corner because I am passionate about my team and my sports and I have annoyed other people with this a lot. I have also been told I am the ringleader of the clique at work (not sure about that to be honest) but that makes me feel like I could be a part of the Slytherin crew as well. I don’t think I’d get along with Draco, but there are more than just his group.

11.) What would you most enjoy about your time at Hogwarts? Magic. That whole new world that I was not aware of opened up right in front of me to be learned and used and developed. I think it would be very exciting.

12.) Describe each of the four houses as you see them:
Gryffindor: Bold, brave, courageous, and misbehaved. I see Gryffindors as thrill seekers. They might not be the ones who go bungee jump, but they find something exciting in what they do. Maybe it is solving a riddle, handling a dangerous animal, hunting down people, I’m not sure but I bet they are highly excited about it. I don’t think that all Lions have to be super outgoing or extroverted. I don’t see Neville as an extrovert but he was still able to stand up for what he believes in. I’m pretty sure it took a lot of courage for him to even make friends with those around him, but he faced his fears and he did it.

Hufflepuff: Hufflepuffs are loyal, have a great work ethic, and strong. Once they are loyal to a person, cause, or idea they are less likely to betray that than others. I know the sorting hat says that badgers are “unafraid of toil” but I see them as having a great work ethic. I can work as hard as the next person… but I hate it. I see the Hufflepuffs as being dedicated to their cause and are working to get to it. I see their strength not as simply physical but emotional. I just see them as tough cookies who can weather any storm.

Ravenclaw: To me Ravenclaw are eager to learn, quick to use their intelligence/wisdom, and idealistic. They might not have top marks in school, because that’s not what learning is really all about. Perhaps they like to learn about sport or a foreign language, well they’re going to read about it or find a way to go and experience it and be involved in what they are interested in. I think they are the most likely of the group to apply what they have learned to how they deal with the world and think before they act. I feel they have an idealistic view of the world and want it to be certain way even if reality says otherwise.

Slytherin: Snakes are adaptable, driven, and cunning. Like snakes I see them as being able to “shed their skin” to be whoever is needed in a certain situation. I see them as being driven to achieve whatever it is they are after. Maybe a position at work, a grade in a class, or getting the attention of someone that has caught their eye, regardless they are going to go after it. I also see their cunning. They may deceive a bit to get what they want, but I don’t think it has to be malicious. I mean, if a wife asks a husband if something makes her look fat I’m pretty sure he is going to intentionally deceive her!

13.) Which house do you feel the least affinity for? So to be honest I really want to put something here about if I answer it will sway votes. However having looked through the other apps everyone else answered so I will too. I think that I am least like a Hufflepuff. If I have loyalty it is highly guarded and people do not get to see it. Also I’m not someone who enjoys hard work. If I could play around on the internet 8 hours a day and get paid for it, I would. During those times I am up doing something, it’s normally for a very good reason and, shall we say, inspiration/compensation.
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