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Sep. 30th, 2012 12:00 pm
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Name: Krystal
Age: 28
Recommended by: saw a post in a HP community over on LJ


01.) What are your goals in life? To see my children grow up into the people I know they are capable of being. To expand my work as a book reviewer into a hopefully more permanent occupation. To finally finish the novel I've been working on for three years (I keep going back and re-reading and re-editing it as I want it to be perfect). To be happy in life, and to spend as much time with my family as possible.

02.) What do you care about most? My family. Everything that I do in life, I do for my two girls. I just want them to be safe and happy, if they have that, than I'm happy.

03.) What is one thing you would change about the world today? The people. No seriously. I hate that people are starving, that children and animals are abused, and veterans are living on the street. I hate that there is so much fighting over religion, and speech, and territory. If I could change the world, people would have food & shelter. Children and animals would be loved and cared for. People would be able to worship and speak as they wished, without fear of persecution. The world today, people getting shot in movie theaters, terrorist attacks, it terrifies me for the safety of my children and what the world will be like when they become adults.

04.) Is there anything in your life that you regret? No. One of the motto's I live by is "The only regrets in life are the risks you didn't take". I've taken my share of risks, and I've had my share of happiness and upset. At this point in my life, I have a loving husband and two beautiful children that make me happy no matter how bad my day has been. I don't look back on where I came from, as I can't change things, and even if I could, I wouldn't, because then I might now have the family that I do now.

05.) Describe your top positive characteristics.
Loyal: I am loyal to my friends almost to a fault. I will stand beside them through anything, and will do my best to comfort them if they need it. I don't trust easily, and I don't have many friends, so those I do have I will be there for through anything.
Creative: I enjoy expressing myself creatively. Whether it be through writing, making graphics, designing websites, etc, I enjoy having the freedom to take my vision and make it something real and worthwhile. By this same token, I am easily annoyed when someone tries and take control over my creativity.
Ambitious: I tend to take on a lot of projects at once, and will work long and tiresome hours to make sure that each one is completed. I love to push myself beyond what I have before, and feel like I’m always doing something.
Quick thinking: I am one of those people that can think quickly on their feet, which helps me react to different (emergency) situations without wasting a lot of time. I am a volunteer EMT, and when you're out in the field, you have seconds to put your training to use and help someone.
Confident: I’m very happy with myself and what I've done in my life, and don’t let negative people or comments get to me. On the flip side of that, I'm not someone that needs to constantly tell someone of the things that I've done, because I do not need anyone else to validate what I already know about myself.

06.) Describe your top negative characteristics.
Shy: One of the things that I absolutely loathe about myself is that I am not one to make friends quickly, even when I can see that the person (or people) would be a great asset in my life. Its not that I'm worried about whether the people will like and accept me, because frankly I don't care if they do or they don't, but I just can’t justify talking to people that I don't know well, and making that effort to get to know a complete stranger.
Impatient - When I set out to do a project, I get annoyed when it gets slowed down, no matter what the reason. It is especially worse when its other people slowing down the project because they are too unmotivated to do anything.
Perfectionist - This one is especially difficult for me, as I oftentimes try things that I have never done before and easily become displeased when my first attempt isn't as good as I think it should be. I know that they say "Practice makes perfect", but I'm more likely to get fed up completely than attempt the same thing twice. I may attempt a variation of the same thing (i.e ski when I didn't do well at snowboarding), but I won't make the same mistake twice.
Over-thinking (Cautious): I tend to take a lot of time before I make a decision in my personal life, especially one that could have life altering consequences. I like to look at things from all possible points and try and figure out what possible outcomes could arise before I commit to anything. Sometimes, I feel this is a good trait because I don't rush into things, but at the same time, sometimes I feel like I missed an opportunity because I "took too long"
Independent: I am independent to a fault. I do not like feeling that someone else has any sort of "power" over me and my actions, and I will do whatever it takes to assert that I am my own person and cannot be controlled.

07.) Pick a favorite quote and explain what it means to you.
"“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
― Marilyn Monroe"

You need to live each day as though it is your last. Don't be afraid of the future, or of the present. Take risks, even the ones that scare you, and don't regret the things you've done, or didn't do. Life is too short.


08.) Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? On a purely superficial level, I would have to say Lucius Malfoy, strictly because I'm shallow and I find him the most attractive. On a "deeper" level, I would have to say Draco Malfoy. And I suspect it has a lot to do with how I can identify with him. He tries to put on a "front" of being this badass, when underneath it all, he's scared. He is under this enormous pressure to please his Father, and be what he thinks he should be, and in the process he's closing himself off, and becoming something he never wanted to be. I can understand to and relate to a lot of his struggle to please his Father, as I did the same thing (obviously to a lesser extent as my Father was not a Death Eater), but its easy to lose yourself inside what you think you should be. Growing up, I had enormous pressure on me to do well, I constantly felt like I wasn't living up to my father's expectations, and that I had to do more, be more in order to bring about the approval that I sought so badly. Luckily for me, I reached the point where I realized my best was all I was ever going to do, and that it would either be enough, or it wouldn't, but there was nothing I could do about it.

09.) Least favorite? Dolored Umbridge. She was such a close minded bigot that she annoyed me from the get go. She didn't want to face the fact the Dark Lord was back, and in doing so, did not properly teach the children how to defend themselves against what was coming. She was blinded by the power of her position, going as far as to threaten Harry with an Unforgivable Curse just to gain information.

10.) Who would you have been friends with at Hogwarts? I'd like to think that I would have been friends with Draco, again being that we are a lot alike in some ways. I think we would have bonded over the struggles facing us trying to live up to the "family name" and what our Father's wanted from us.

11.) What would you most enjoy about your time at Hogwarts? As far as classes? Potions, definitely. I am fascinated with making things and being challenged, that I think mixing elixirs and potions would be incredibly fun. Also, I think that I have just enough of a subtly snarky attitude that Snape either would have loved me, or hated me.

Outside of classes, I think I would most enjoy seeing and being seen. Again, I'm a very shallow person, so I would want other people to see me with my friends, hanging out, playing exploding snap, plotting trouble, whatever the case may be, and be jealous. Not necessarily of me personally, but of the friendships that I had with others and how well we got along.

12.) Describe each of the four houses as you see them:
Gryffindor: The daredevils. If there is someone in trouble, they will be the first to help. They are hard-headed and cocky to an extent. And they don't try to deny it. They enjoy having fun, and don't put as much emphasis (for the most part, although some, like Hermione are the exception) on their schoolwork as they should. They are too busy, "living in the moment"

Hufflepuff: The workers. They are determined to plow on when things are rough. They see the best in people even when the person in question doesn't deserve it. They are able to see the "whole" picture including all the "small details" that make up the whole.

Ravenclaw: The dreamers. They are creative and academic minds. They excel in their courses because they have a genuine love of knowledge, but they often think "outside of the box" when reaching their conclusions.

Slytherin: The chameleons. They know how to blend and be what others expect when they look at them, so long as it suits their purposes. They are ambitious, stopping at nothing to get what they want, when & how they want it. They can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, with a Slytherin there is no in between.

13.) Which house do you feel the least affinity for? Hufflepuff. Whereas they are loyal to everyone, I am not. I am loyal only to those I feel have earned it. I don't look good in yellow (black however is ok), and honestly, I don't think my particular sense of humor would go over very well with them.
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